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in     by Justin 08-10-2016


Hello all.  Today is just a quick thought. As I was going through social media feeds, I see, especillay on Twitter, nice attention getting high res pictures. One thing that I noticed yesterday, was three images on a few feeds, where pictures that were simply found through a Google search and added to the feed.

This can be a risky thing if you do not have the rights to this image, or you choose an image from the Google search that is not autorized for others to use.  I could sit here, and type all the ins and outs of image use, legality, and all that jazz. However, I am more a visual guy. Not much of a reader... so I was able to locate a fantastic chart from the vusual communication guy. He has it nailed down pretty well. If you are not sure if you can use it, just check here:

If you need further details, contact us, or check https://www.pinterest.com/theviscommguy/




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